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Despite the fact that progress has found its way into our company, sustainable, ecologically justifiable work is very important to us.

No chemical additives are used in the winery either. Among other things, animal protein was banned from the process long time ago. Only biological protein is used for fining. The wines from Golser Wein are therefore vegan and therefore committed to the spirit of our time. Sustainable work is an important factor in our company.  


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UNA Riesling

Our Riesling from Burgenland is extraordinary!
A zesty hint of lemon and green apples,
slightly sweet, crisp fruitiness and citrus charm
makes this a delightful wine.

UNA Grüner Veltliner

The Grüner, a fruity wine ripened in the sun.
Pale yellow in the glass, with fragrant hints of ripe apples and apricots.
A delectable blend of fruit and minerals, renown for the white pepper finish.
A versatile companion with a pleasantly refreshing finish!

UNA Pinot Blanc

The scent of the warm Lake Neusiedl!
Bright yellow in the glass, fruity but unobtrusively fragrant, exotic fruits hint at secrets to be discovered.
Slightly sweet, an elegant wine that invites the tranquility of the lake to your glass.

UNA Chardonnay late harvest

Seewinkel – the sweet region!
Shiny golden hues, an excellent bouquet of pineapple and passion fruit. Smooth on the palate with aromas of tropical fruits. Well chilled, the wine gives a holiday feeling!

UNA Sauvignon Blanc

Amazing aroma of ripe gooseberries, green grass and flowers. On the palate vegetative, a complex, mineralic wine with a very nice balanced acidity. The wine reflexes the careful treatment of our vines and grapes. 

UNA Pinot Blanc Exclusive

Bright yellow in the glass, fruity but unobtrusively fragrant, exotic fruits hint at secrets to be discovered. Strong and full body,  slightly sweet, an elegant komplex wine. A long end full of minerals.

UNA Rosé

The kiss of the sun!
Lively – Fragrant – Fresh!
Fruity rosé from sun-kissed grapes from Pinot Noir and Blaufränkisch!
Summery residual sweetness and still so refreshing, this wine is irresistible!
Well chilled, the wine is fun at day and night time!

UNA Blaufränkisch

Very drinkable – definitely something to try!
Dark ruby garnet, a spicy nose, and a blend of dark berry fruit – blackberries and sour cherries.
Fine extracts of sweetness with an elegant texture and freshness. A versatile food companion for every occasion!

UNA Sunny Red

The sunny red one. We stop the fermentation and keep the sweetness!
Strong scent of cherries, a little strawberry, these fruits finish on the palate with a touch of blueberry. A full fruity body and still tasty with a pleasant refreshing finish! Drink it cold in summertime!

UNA Casual Friday

Our Heideboden – The blended reds
A ruby red wine with purple hues, fruity fragrance, delicate cherry red berries paired with light spice! A mineral echo in the finish! A cuvee made from Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and some Cabernet Sauvignon.

UNA Pinot Noir

A princess from the lake shore!
In the glass carmine red with purple hues, aromas of strawberries and sweet cherries, the fruits are found on the palate too and are complemented by a little raspberry! Well integrated tannins and a light sweetness round off the wine and make it to a fruity, animating drinking pleasure!

UNA Bubbly Riesling

A Riesling sparkling wine from Burgenland – atypical? No, just different!
Aromas of fresh apple and pears, a fruity sparkling wine with a refreshing acidity and hints of lemon and oranges on the finish.

UNA Bubbly Rosé

The Bubbly – Our Rose – Method Charmat!
A hint of ripe peach, smell of ripe strawberries! Fruity and refreshing with a delicate finish. Made from Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent, enjoy as an aperitif, for dessert or at the bar, the Bubbly Rose is always a highlight!

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